PS Lifestyle — Customer Journey Mapping (2016)

As Director of Marketing, I led a team of 3 to create a strategy for improving online sales of salon gift certificates for a company that operates salons within retirement communities. We first charted the existing customer journey for a specific target audience segment (adult children of community residents, who often make purchasing decisions on behalf of their loved ones) and the ideal customer journey. Our team made recommendations on a broad, strategic scale, and then broke them down into attainable, tactical, short-term goals in the midst of a redesign of the company's online sales platform.

Brand Plan for a Women's Clothing Retailer (2015)

As part of a team of 4 in a Marketing Value Creation class at the Weatherhead School of Management (CWRU), we developed an overarching brand plan for an up-and-coming women's clothing retailer, based in LA. Our final deliverable included an overview of the major industry factors influencing the company, the brand's strengths and weaknesses, an analysis of the brand's major competitors, perceptual mapping to determine ideal positioning, recommendations for new messaging, two target audience personas along with a customer journey map for each, and our final brand-building recommendations.

Company Analysis and Valuation, Merck & Co. (2015)

As part of a Corporate Reporting & Analysis class in the Accounting department at the Weatherhead School of Management (CWRU), I worked with 3 Masters of Accountancy students in providing a valuation for Merck & Co., a Fortune 500 pharmaceutical company. Our analysis started with broad strokes, including a dive into the business environment and industry factors affecting the company. It then narrowed in on accounting ratio analysis and a comparative performance assessment of the company's past 5-year financials. We developed various sales growth forecasting scenarios and provided a few different valuations accordingly, including using the DCF method and residual earnings method.

Financial Analysis and Valuation Project, RPM Int'l (2013)

As part of a team of 5 Weatherhead MBA students, we performed an in-depth analysis and evaluation of RPM International, a multinational holding company and manufacturer of industrial and consumer products. Our report provided a forecasted valuation of the firm, based on a review of the company's history and its current state. The financial analysis included a ratio analysis, net sales growth, and a qualitative analysis of the key influencing factors on the firm's overall performance. We relied on historic financial data, investor relations and marketing materials, and a meeting with a contact made at the firm.

Positioning ChamberFest Cleveland:
Creating a Business and Funding Model Attractive to Potential Funders (2012)

On a team of 3 as part of a Marketing for Nonprofit Organizations class and in tandem with my position at ChamberFest Cleveland for their inaugural season, I worked to determine appropriate concept positioning to secure start-up capacity building/venture funding for the festival's first season (in a test-market format), which launched in the summer of 2012.