Skills a Bootcamp Doesn't Teach You: Part 3

The topic of the day? Self-sufficiency. To be fair, the bootcamp does teach this skill to some extent. However, the most successful bootcamp students, and subsequently, the most successful junior developers, master this one. It's even a valuable skill outside of tech...


The main point? Avoid being the employee who asks the developer next to her a question that's easily Googleable and then blocks off hours of the developer's time to go over these items. I have a golden rule that if I'm going to ask a senior developer for his/her time, then the first page of Google results for the main topics I'm struggling with better come up purple. I also try to come up with at least 2 ways to approach a problem so that I can present options I've researched to someone who is trying to help.


  • Learn the tricks of Googling for the best results.
  • Documentation is your best friend. It can seem daunting during the bootcamp, but as you learn more, it will become less intimidating and much more useful. Don't be afraid to go down the documentation rabbit hole - you will come up having learned a bunch.
  • Learn the patterns of searching for information. Documentation is usually structured in a similar way across languages/technologies. Keywords/tags can be useful on Stack Overflow. If you notice your search terms aren't pulling up relevant results, see what paths lead you to more success.